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new Brunello Cucinelli fashion

The new Brunello Cucinelli fashion collection

To find out about the new collections, you no longer have to do a lot of research. You can find the best creations on a portal like 24S. You will no longer have problems finding nightwear, handbags, etc.

Elegant and stylish looks and outfits

If you want to adopt an elegant style, you should highlight the occasion. You should also highlight your body type in order to find the right outfits.


The glamorous style

You can emphasise beauty and charm. This is a way to combine the sexy and the chic.

The sportswear look

When shopping, it is possible to choose sportswear. You can wear them every day.

The Chic-Casual look

The chic look can be worn by everyone. You can wear blazers, for example.

Fashionable and sexy women's trends

There are many ways to bring out your sexy side. You can opt for high fashion if you wish. Don’t forget to think about comfort before you shop.

The leopard coat

Match your leopard coats with grey or blue skinny jeans.

The pleated skirt

For a formal look, it would be best to be seduced by pleated skirts.

Cargo trousers

With cargo trousers you can achieve a cool, classic look with T-shirts.

Shoes: functional or fashionable

Choosing a pair of shoes is no easy task. You should not limit yourself to the aesthetic aspect. It is essential to wear functional shoes. This way, you can walk with ease. Your shoes should also match your style and look of the day.

Basic essentials for men

The white shirt

You can wear the white shirt as workwear. It is elegant and simple.

The dress trousers or chino

The chino trousers highlight a casual look. Wear a T-shirt with them.

The leather jacket

The leather jacket can be worn with all types of clothing (trousers, skirt, dress, shirt, t-shirt).

A leather belt

You can combine your leather belts with black or grey trousers for example.

The handbag, the must-have fashion accessory for women

Choosing a handbag can be difficult. You need to choose an alternative that fits your body type. Indeed, if you are short, it would be better to avoid buying a bulky handbag. It is important to think about the harmony of your look, taking into account your figure.

Beachwear and Swimsuits, fashion tips for the beach

To be trendy at the beach, you have to choose according to the latest collections while taking into account your look. However, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of hats and sunglasses. It is best to avoid synthetic materials during the hot season.


Eco-friendly fashion

Slow fashion, the new fashion trend