How to maintain a leather bag?

Leather bags are timeless and chic accessories. You can use them no matter what the occasion. They are also expensive bags. Buying one every month is not for everyone. If you want to preserve the quality of your leather bag,…

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Men’s bag: what is the most resistant material?

When it comes to choosing a man’s bag, the focus is often on the model and size. However, beyond the design, the material is also very important. Indeed, it determines the nature, the style and especially the durability of your…

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Bracelet eye of tiger: does it have virtues?

Do you like to collect jewelry? The tiger eye bracelet is undoubtedly in your jewelry box. If you have been wearing this accessory for months without knowing its virtues, you should know that the tiger’s eye is a mineral with…

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How did the panty become a fashion accessory?

The panty is an accessory that has become very trendy nowadays. It is a kind of panty that consists of hiding the navel that goes down to the thighs. It is made with a rather tight fabric. It looks like…

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