Cashmere: a timeless material!

Cashmere, a precious, soft and very fashionable material, never ceases to seduce with numerous creations. Very ideal in winter, its knitwear offers an exceptional insulation to protect you from the cold. Often chosen by connoisseurs, this type of wool has…

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Which materials to wear this summer?

It’s hard to find the ideal, trendy materials that make you feel comfortable in summer. Between natural, synthetic, technical, artificial fibers, … the choice is very wide. Also, the fabric greatly influences your look and comfort throughout the day. Here…

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How to coordinate colors?

Whether in decoration or in fashion, the rules that governs the colors remain the same. Indeed, knowing how to match them is not an easy thing to do, especially for novices. However, such agreements are not made lightly. So, whatever…

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Grandmother’s remedy to remove stains from clothes

There is nothing more unpleasant to see than stains on clothes, because they are not aesthetic. In fact, some of them are easier to remove than others. To help you get rid of them easily and quickly, we have just…

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