Big feet: how to choose the right shoes?

Having big feet whether you are a man or a woman is not just a story to tell, when you face this problem it becomes annoying. The average size is 41 to 42, but yours is around 47, 48 to 50. There are stores that sell large shoes.

Shape balancing

When you put on shoes, always think that you are putting on a shape. That's why there are different styles that are different from each other. There are also different ways to wear them. However, large feet do not have this advantage. If you have a large shoe size: avoid shoes with pointed toes. They will tend to enlarge the size of your feet. For example, you shoe 43 and the scandal shows as if your size was 47. To limit this, you will have to adapt with round-toed shoes or small shoes. But you should expect to still be in pain after a few steps. It is unpleasant to see you! It is ideal to offer him the right size and also the right pair of shoes. Remember to balance them!

Choosing the right colors

When you dress sober or plain, think about adding a touch of originality to the outfit you wear. For example, in shoes for small sizes of course. It's a little fun if you have big feet. Don't wear shoes that are too light or too brightly colored so that people around you don't look at you too much. Generally, when someone notices you, they will look at you from head to toe. This is not considered a complex, but it will quickly mask your beautiful outfit. Darker or flashier colors than the clothes you are wearing can melt the whole mass, that is, the whole of your clothing.

The safe bet of derbies

Among so many shoes, such as loafers or boats, derbies are classified as the perfect ones. They have all the styles you're looking for and their strength lies in them. They have elongated shapes and a toe that is not too pointy. In some stores, they can be up to a size 51, but that they are still like small shoes. They bring a lot of benefits to those who wear them. You could put them on for a wedding in the country, or a walk to the market or even go on a business type date. They fit well on women's or men's large feet.

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