Cashmere: a timeless material!

Cashmere, a precious, soft and very fashionable material, never ceases to seduce with numerous creations. Very ideal in winter, its knitwear offers an exceptional insulation to protect you from the cold. Often chosen by connoisseurs, this type of wool has extraordinary qualities that make it so precious and specific.

The qualities of cashmere

The constraints encountered in breeding cashmere goats explain the high price of the wide range of models in the Brunello Cucinelli shoe line and the rarity of this wool. Indeed, the yield is very low. The idea of mixing it with other materials came to the mind of manufacturers. Provided that the right combination is made, we can take advantage of the properties of cashmere. With its fine fibers, this material is so soft and supple on the skin. It is therefore very frequently used in the making of scarves and sweaters that are pleasantly warm and soft. Being an excellent insulator, this wool provides outstanding protection against the cold. Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, cashmere is not sensitive to water or dirt. Treated so gently, a cashmere garment can retain its beauty and properties for a long time.

How to obtain cashmere?

Obtained from the hair of the cashmere goat that is raised in the Himalayas, cashmere wool is a precious natural fiber. It is harvested by combing and not by shearing. During this process, the fine raw wool in the undercoat of the goat is gently removed by hand. In order to keep only the useful wool, the outer coat, which is coarse hair, must be trimmed from the other fibers. Each year, a goat can produce 200 grams of wool. Quality cashmere is found in the tiny belly hair of the animal.

How to care for it?

Made from goat cashmere, a coat provides an exceptional wool whose natural shades could be white, brown or light tan. It is necessary to let the fibers replenish, so avoid wearing your cashmere clothes consecutively. It is advisable not to wear them under other garments with inside pockets, zippers or pockets containing a wallet or keys. This way you avoid the appearance of pilling. In order for cashmere to remain unchanged over time, you will need to adopt the proper care. Wash your cardigan or sweater in a special machine for knitted products. In order not to change the beauty of your cashmere garments, dry cleaning is preferred. Make sure that the spinning does not exceed 600 revolutions. Do a soft ironing.

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