How did the panty become a fashion accessory?

The panty is an accessory that has become very trendy nowadays. It is a kind of panty that consists of hiding the navel that goes down to the thighs. It is made with a rather tight fabric. It looks like an absolutely tight long shorts.

A little insight into the history of the panty

For some time now, the panty has been one of the most popular accessories among fashionistas. Indeed, its history begins around the 60s, by the making of the first mini skirts. It was discovered by the stylist of English origin, Mary Quant. The first panty appeared on the market four years after that. At the same time, major lingerie brands began to create specific models. However, it is worth noting that this accessory is not really new, since in the mid-19th century, girls were wearing such panties. Around the beginning of the year 2000, lace became the main material used for the design of a panty. In recent years, it has become an important part of the lingerie market.

Why has it become a trend of the moment?

In the past, the panty was mostly worn for specific reasons such as for tennis practice. Nowadays, many celebrities wear them in public. This accessory has also become essential in the lives of many individuals who love to follow fashion. It is an element allowing to refine one's silhouette. It allows to hide the small imperfections at the level of the hip since it is absolutely tight. It covers the belly as well as the love handles. On the other hand, the panty is an accessory to ideally put under a tight clothing. This would highlight the size of the one who wears it.

How to choose your panty?

To make the right choice of panty, it is necessary to take into account some criteria. First of all, there is the size that should be seen. To have a sheathing effect, it should be really close to the body without being too tight because it could bother. It is also to know that a panty differs from another depending on whether it is half high or high waist. The material with which the accessory is made must also be taken into account when buying. Indeed, it is ideal to opt for fabric that can provide some comfort. This being the case, the panty is not only a fashion accessory but also an element that allows to display a slimming appearance.

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