Where to find chic and eco-responsible fashion pieces?

Nowadays, following the current patterns will increase your expenses. However, pieces made from eco-friendly materials reduce consumption and allow you to be stylish and elegant. Ethical branded clothing adapts to all seasons and avoids waste.

Eco-responsible fashion pieces from Brunello Cucinelli

The use of cashmere and the mastery of knitted fabrics have given Brunello Cucinelli's brand a great reputation since it began in 1978. The timelessly stylish pieces are made with a responsible attitude towards people and traditions using the finest materials like cashmere. You'll find cardigans, well-structured dresses, tailored pants with tailored jackets, sportswear, cozy cashmere sweaters... These pieces are in checks, stripes or with different patterns. Cucinelli uses luxury materials and the clothes are handmade. In addition, the fit is perfect so that jackets fit on your torso, the length of a hem is exact and the drape of the legs of a pair of pants is not too flared. Brunello Cucinelli specializes in sporty chic. These pieces are simple, comfortable. Plus, you'll look naturally stylish.

Be fashionable by consuming less

Be minimalist by being better and consuming less. Basic, timeless pieces are always on trend. You can reinvent your look with the seasons. Indeed, ethical fashion is part of the consumer trend. To adopt an eco-responsible lifestyle, you must respect three points when selecting your clothes. Opt for clothes that are ethically made for the workers and that are fairly traded. Quality clothing is durable and always fashionable. The materials used in the manufacture of eco-friendly clothing respect the environment. By having a minimalist wardrobe, you will have accessories and clothes that can be worn all the time.

What is an ethical brand?

An ethical brand is a brand that avoids overconsumption, it is made from eco-responsible materials and the manufacturing steps are ethical. By buying ethical branded pieces, you will not waste clothes. The current model pushes towards overconsumption because marketing, advertising and communication requires a lot of expenses. However, eco-responsible fashion is changing these production methods by improving the working conditions of the people involved in the manufacture of ethical branded pieces.

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