Which materials to wear this summer?

It's hard to find the ideal, trendy materials that make you feel comfortable in summer. Between natural, synthetic, technical, artificial fibers, ... the choice is very wide. Also, the fabric greatly influences your look and comfort throughout the day. Here are the materials to choose in summer to face the heat waves and heat wave with style.

Natural materials: real partners against perspiration

Natural fibers are essential coolness assets in the summer season. In addition to being pleasant to the touch, they are also characterized by their thermoregulatory properties and their ability to absorb moisture. More specifically, natural materials such as cotton, silk, linen and bamboo keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. On the other hand, natural is very much in vogue nowadays. Moreover, the nobility and fineness of these fabrics help to compose a trendy look, no matter what the clothing style. So, to take full advantage of this season, choose light natural fabrics that will guarantee freshness, comfort and ventilation throughout the day.

Can we wear synthetic materials in summer?

Synthetic materials are strongly discouraged in summer. Made from petroleum, they are stifling and promote humidity and perspiration. If you sweat a lot, avoid wearing polyester or nylon in summer. However, these types of fabrics should not be completely avoided in summer. For example, you can choose a nylon garment that is open and not too close to the body so that you don't sweat all day. Exit the technical materials composed of chemical agents that kill the bacteria responsible for bad smells. Indeed, these products disappear quickly after several washes and you end up with a synthetic garment that gives off nauseating odors. On the other hand, you can wear artificial materials this summer. Chemically created from blends of natural fibers, they are more comfortable than synthetic fibers. However, they do not have the same thermoregulatory properties as the 100% natural materials mentioned above.

Tips to keep cool in hot seasons

The choice of materials is of paramount importance when it comes to clothing to cope with the heat wave. However, several criteria also come into play to help you cope with the heat: Choose the right colors: Some colors are best, while others are best avoided. Preferably, turn to light colors (white, pastel,) which will reflect the heat instead of keeping it. Prefer loose, light and breathable fabrics: The more space there is between your body and your clothes, the more air can circulate. By choosing a light, loosely woven fabric, you'll enjoy more comfort and avoid heat and odor.

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