Men’s bag: what is the most resistant material?

When it comes to choosing a man's bag, the focus is often on the model and size. However, beyond the design, the material is also very important. Indeed, it determines the nature, the style and especially the durability of your accessory. If you want to get a resistant bag, discover the materials to choose.

The different manufacturing materials available

Men's bags can be made of various materials, natural or not. It is mainly the quality of the latter that defines the durability of the bag. To begin with, we find leather. Timeless and noble, it is also very robust. Also of natural origin, we can cite the canvas known to be flexible and light. Then come nylon and synthetic materials (polymer, polyurethane...). Often more fragile, they are not however to be banished. If you want to buy a textile bag, remember to rest it from time to time to limit its wear. In the cheaper departments, you can find models made of imitation leather, but they are rather delicate and therefore to be avoided if you are looking for a robust accessory.

Which material is the most resistant?

Without a doubt, leather is the best choice for a durable bag. Thanks to its rigidity, it can be used to make all parts of the accessory: body, handle, shoulder strap, etc. For centuries, this material has been recognized for its excellent mechanical resistance by manufacturers and users. It is no surprise that the most expensive and luxurious high-end bags are usually made of leather. If the canvas is of good quality, it can become a more advantageous option in terms of reliability. Textiles made from cotton should be woven with a tight, thick weave to ensure strength. Linen or hemp canvas is less common, but it can also offer good weather resistance, although it is not waterproof.

Which material for a bag that is both stylish and durable?

Even on the aesthetic side, leather is still the material to choose. Indeed, it can be worked in several ways to obtain a multitude of finishes and styles. Modular as desired, it can be used to make most men's bag models: backpack, shoulder bag, fanny pack, etc. Nonwovens are more suitable for functional bags: sports bag, PC house, tool bag, etc. Offering a good resistance, they propose an acceptable design.

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