Grandmother’s remedy to remove stains from clothes

There is nothing more unpleasant to see than stains on clothes, because they are not aesthetic. In fact, some of them are easier to remove than others. To help you get rid of them easily and quickly, we have just shown you some tips that you can adopt.

Tips for removing red wine stains

Red wine leaves a brownish stain on textiles. It is resistant and does not leave easily in the wash. Fortunately, there are several tips to get rid of it. To remove it, you can sprinkle it with talcum powder or flour. Then let it dry before brushing it off. Milk is another natural product that can get rid of red wine stains. At first, you have to tap the stain using a clean cloth. Note that paper towels can also work. Once this step is complete, dip another cloth into the milk and apply it to the stain by applying pressure to the cloth! Finish the process by soaking it completely and leave it to rest for an hour!

Tips for cleaning oil stains

Talcum powder works very well to remove an oil stain. To use it, pour a good amount of it on the fabric! The purpose of this is to prevent the stained area from getting bigger. Next, let it sit for an hour, then dust. Finally, machine wash the fabric! Talcum powder is especially recommended for cleaning fragile textiles like silk. Dishwashing liquid is another stain remover that can remove oil stains. To do this, simply apply it to the stained area before washing. It is effective on all types of textiles, even on synthetic fur. To ensure its effectiveness, you must allow a rest period of fifteen minutes and brush it.

Tips for removing ink stains

The power of alcohol on ink has been proven. It is the best product to clean the ink stained fabric. But, how to use it? Take a piece of cotton and dip it in the alcohol at 90 ┬░! Repeat this operation until the stain disappears completely and go to the wash! Toothpaste also removes ink stains on clothes. Be careful, the gel version does not work! To use it, you must apply it to the fabric and let it work for a few minutes. The fabric must absorb it completely. You only have to clean it at the end.

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