How to enlarge new shoes?

Wearing shoes on a daily basis is essential. Beyond the fact that it is necessary to protect the feet, shoes are fashion accessories particularly appreciated by women. However, you may fall in love with a particular model and not find the size that fits you. Some of your shoes may not fit anymore after a while. In this kind of situation, finding a way to put on your shoes without suffering is therefore essential. Discovering the solutions to widen new shoes is because of this necessary.


There are several methods that can be adopted at this time to gradually widen new shoes. Among the most effective ones, for example, you can use newspaper. To do this, you will need to moisten the sheets of paper and roll it into a ball. Then place them in the shoe, making sure to leave no gaps. You must then let the pair dry for at least 24 hours in the open air. After this time, you will have shoes that are both soft and wide. You can repeat this process several times if you want to widen your new shoes more easily.

Thick socks and candle

A very good way to widen your new shoes is also to put on thick socks. To do this, you will need to wear them with the new shoes. Make sure the socks are as thick as possible. To avoid problems with the toes of your feet, make sure you only wear the socks for a maximum of 1 hour. In the same vein, candles can also be used to gradually widen your shoes. To do this, you need to rub the inside of your shoes hard with the bottom end of the candle. This technique is especially effective for shoes made of synthetic materials.

Products for the skin

Skin products such as glycerin, petroleum jelly or castor oil can also help if you want to enlarge your shoes. To do this, you will need to gradually massage the inside of your shoes with one of these products. Keep in mind, however, that these products are not suitable for shoes made of suede or suede leather. This would indeed risk leaving indelible traces that would not be very aesthetic.

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