Do black clothes keep you warmer?

Published on : 07 September 20213 min reading time

Temperatures are always higher in summer. On your side, you want to stay cool. You wonder what clothes to wear so as not to be too hot. In this case, you prefer fluid materials that anticipate perspiration. What about the color scheme? Is black really a source of heat?

Go for white clothes

So you’ve decided to wear white to keep the heat off. But this is a bad idea, because this color allows ultraviolet rays to pass through. Ultraviolet rays are the cause of skin cancer. The white parasol itself is not very useful against the heat wave. The same is true of your white clothes. Therefore, don’t blame the black one right away. For their part, the Tuaregs have been much more clever in choosing dark, but large clothes. This allows them to keep cool without fear of skin diseases. So, if you don’t wear black clothes, it won’t solve your problem. It is then enough to prefer oversized clothes and fluid materials. In short, it is recommended to wear a dress.

How to wear black clothes in summer?

You don’t need to put away your black clothes during the summer period. You just need to wear them while remaining smart. For example, if you’re riding in a bus or car, you can wear black perfectly since you won’t be exposed to the sun. However, don’t wear all black unless you are in mourning. Wear a white shirt with black jeans or the other way around. In fact, if you like to wear black to hide your bulges, opt for sleeveless bodysuits. Of course, long sleeves always keep you warm.

Some tips on how not to get hot in black

If you don’t want to get too hot in black, sit in a shady area away from the sun. Also, wear a skirt and a sleeveless top. Even in black, these clothes won’t make you hot. Drink water regularly. Staying hydrated will help keep your body at the right temperature. Otherwise, think about tying your hair, because it is especially the latter that weighs you down in summer. Wear black in the evening when temperatures are much milder. By following these few recommendations, you will not have to put away your black clothes until next winter. Except for velvet coats and heavy sweaters.

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