Why did the python print come back on the catwalk?

This season announces the great return of animal prints. Timeless, classy and versatile, they offer several associations of the most original possible. Among the most fashionable, the python is a hit and invades the windows of major designers. Why be seduced by the python print?

Python print: a modern and trendy print

Python print is ideal to shift a look and enhance an outfit. Simply have a reptilian looking garment to perfect and modernize your look. In fact, the python pattern is also adored for its classy and glamorous side. Moreover, it softens the rock outfits while bringing style and modernity. Contrary to popular belief, python is not classic, it is timeless. You just have to know how to associate it well to avoid the aging effect. Also, it will be necessary to pay particular attention to the choice of material: fluid fabrics such as viscose, silk and velvety materials (leather like foal, suede calf, ...) are preferred for a more classy effect. On the other hand, shiny materials such as faux leather, vinyl and polyester will give a cheap and vulgar side to your outfit.

The versatility of python print

Considered a neutral color, python print goes with absolutely everything, whether it's in terms of color, material or cut. As a centerpiece or an accessory, it can easily complement any outfit, no matter what the style. Indeed, today's designers offer tops, blouses, jackets, coats, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses with python patterns. As for accessories, you have the choice between a belt, a handbag, a scarf, shoes and jewelry that go well with any outfit. Just be careful! You should only use one animal print at a time so as not to fall into the ridiculous and miss your composition. Also avoid mixing snake print with zebra, leopard or crocodile print. Similarly, avoid wearing multiple python prints at the same time unless they are very high quality pieces with patterns that work well together.

Fashion tip: embrace python with style

To be stylish with a python print, you have to learn to tame it with grace. Although this pattern is very trendy this season, it only takes a few wrong notes to fall into classicism, even vulgarity. So, to achieve a harmonious result, and illuminate your look, you must at all costs work and enhance your silhouette. The first rule: prefer python prints in neutral colors (gray, black and white, pastel) to flashy colors. Then, use basic and timeless colors such as white, gray or black to not overdo it.

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