Fashion: what are the must-have basics?

Fashion basics are the backbone of the wardrobe. Therefore, it is advisable to always choose high quality basics, as you can wear them for a long time and wear them often. Once you have found the piece you need, the goal is to keep it as long as possible. It's a budget to start with, but in the long run, it can save you money because you can keep the nice clothes for the longest time. You can combine neutral basics with more fashionable accessories, and combine them with more modern items to increase your clothing creativity. But which basics are a must-have?

Denim clothing

The little denim shirt is a really versatile item. It's perfect for pairing with sweaters or over printed dresses. It can also be juxtaposed with cardigans and cardigans to create a sense of hierarchy and style. Choose one with beautiful buttonholes. It should be slightly fitted and worn with the sleeves rolled up for added style. These are the must-have pants! Forget about the fashionable effects of gradients, holes or fancy pockets, and opt for raw denim. This is the universal model that will become your best ally! To look cool with a pair of sneakers on Sunday, it can be very elegant with beautiful red heels and a suit jacket.

The sling sweater

The sling sweater is one of the must-haves of the winter wardrobe. It is very warm and will become your best friend in very cold weather. A sling sweater is perfect when paired with a parka and skinny jeans. It can also be worn over a white shirt. Don't forget to lengthen the collar of the shirt so that it is below the hips. So, if it's not just chic, it has everything to please. Choose straight styles in different colors, like gray, and make accessories according to the look you want.

Cashmere sweaters

Cashmere sweaters are thin and warm, making them ideal for wearing close to the body or over a shirt. Skip the large recycled wool that is neither warm nor easily faded, and opt for a nice cashmere sweater with a round neck or V-neck. Go for the natural colors of cashmere, beige or a nice mottled gray.

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