Eco-responsible: why buy organic cotton clothes?

Cotton is a natural plant product that is highly valued and used throughout the world. Generally speaking, it is grown in two distinct ways. The first is conventional cultivation and the second is organic cultivation. It is important to know that the use of organic cotton in the world of textiles has countless benefits, both for their users and for the community.

Organic clothing respects the environment

To put it simply, clothing made from organically produced cotton is organic clothing, and is therefore environmentally friendly. Indeed, the different steps to produce this particular type of cotton take into account in major part the environmental impacts. Remember that the traditional production of cotton is among the most polluting types of agriculture in the world. This type of cultivation requires a great deal of insecticide pollution and requires the use of huge quantities of pesticides. For a total agricultural surface of 2.4% worldwide, the practice of cotton cultivation in the traditional way represents a quarter of the total insecticides used on the planet, and 10% of the total pesticides used in agriculture all together. It is in this context that the initiative to produce organic cotton was born, which has the specificity of being cultivated without pesticides.

Organic cotton is respectful of farmers and workers

In the traditional practice, the workers who harvest cotton and all the workers who intervene manually in the sector are all subjected to strong threats to their health. Indeed, the presence of highly toxic chemical substances such as endocrine disruptors and dyes can have dramatic consequences for health. However, the production of organic cotton avoids all these risks. In addition to these health risks, there is the overexploitation of workers in conventional cotton cultivation. It is also important to mention that the price of chemicals is constantly increasing. This leads to debts for the producers.

Organic clothing: a quality product and a guarantee of sanitary safety

At the level of the final consumers, the clothes made by organic cotton are soft. Allergy risks are minimal since the cotton has not been subjected to any highly toxic chemicals. Therefore, these clothes are a better option to ensure the health of your skin. Be aware that undergarments are items that are in constant contact with your skin. Your skin absorbs chemicals, which is dangerous if the clothes you are wearing contain high levels of them. The icing on the cake is that the colors of organic cottons are obtained without heavy metals and other carcinogenic products contained in the rational cotton.

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